「GARBO」Light Sculpture design by Mariyo Yagi

Garbo series
Lighting unit series
mass produced by Shirah co. (Italy)
World famous Garbo, now available in the world.

The "desire image that wants to be surrounded and embraced light"
LIGHTS Garbo Series
1973 of the lawn cloth to the Garbo series,

Garbo series original design by Mariyo Yagi
includes the Light and Shadow of the effect such as the “shoji “ which is Japanese paper screen partition and light produces shaking soft partitioning and screen curtain of the light that it is. It is soft, and, for space of the hard stone or concrete, new lighting space to bring on with form of swinging string curtain is born.
A device of the light to show with the physical nature.
It is structure superior for the function as making space itself and folding it become compact packing, that conventional product design does not have
The ceiling direct attachment lighting equipment series that I design square, rectangle, curved surface, triangle such as four types of an illumination screen design of the threads, and it is to put a unit together each, and space direction is various, and it is possible for variableness freely, besides.
It produced it by a collaboration design of Dino Gavina – studio Simon and Mariyo Yagi from Italian Sillar company in 1976 and was sold and did long hit all over the world.
It was chosen as a modern Italian good design, and a patrol exhibition was held by Japan.
It is possessed as the selection, collection for Tokyo National Museum of Modern Arts industrial arts building excellent work exhibition.

Architect Emilio Annbhat lets office interior to be based on the Garbo series in the insurance company office space of NY change completely. It is famous by having let it hang down Garbo as partitioning screen from a ceiling to the floor, and mysterious, fantastic space direction succeed.
Since Dino Gavina died and while I do not know it, only a threadlike curtain made in product in Germany, Italy and goes out alone without my permission and used for stage space, quotient space, house space in over the world such as United States, Europe, Japan etc,.


The fourth Italian modern design exhibition Kyoto Italy Cultural Center private exhibition Kyoto Italy Cultural Center
”The Garbo series and rope NAWA sculpture works”

An idea that has also informed your work is the notion of inside/outside, isolation without rigid barriers. One such creation that expresses this notion is the long-stringed illuminated curtain series, entitled Garbo which were selected for inclusion in the Tokyo National Modern Musuem's collection, and have been replicated around the world.
My long-stringed illuminated curtain series, entitled “Garbo. ”
These “light curtains, ” produced by the Italian company Sirrah, were of such a unique design that not only where they selected for inclusion in the Tokyo National Modern Museum's collection, but these curtains have been replicated around the world. In addition to a lighting source, the curtains provided a screen-like separation similar to the concept of shoji-papered panels, where the division between internal and external is undefined. As in Mies van der Rohe’s “universal space ” in which inside and outside flow together; the translucent quality of the light curtain with its softness invites one to touch it, and to move through it with sensual ease. The light she created was less a physical force than an elegant swaying presence, in constant conversation with the shifting silhouettes created by the stringed curtain. The light curtains reflected a continum, where space is mutable; a revelatory interplay of light and shadow reflected in so many facets of Japanese art and life.
Her art works express a Japanese aesthetic—light and shadow and an exquisite awareness of natural principles.


nahwa light stand 2011

nawa lamp 2005

GARBO Light Sculpture 1976



The Twisted cocoon 
Japanese paper 1994

Washi paper Lights 1983

Lamp shade1972

Half mirror / floor stand lamp