Scientific technology controlled spiritual culture in the twentieth century.
Modernism has created modern life and human desire each a part of the whole. It has made them expand and become presumptuous.
The Earth is only one that includes all. All of us has responsibility to have a positive effect on the international peaceful world. Livingings, people, each life is respected and it creates strong bonding between our own family and friends, like the Earth on which diverse lives coexist.

Inspiring local unique individuality and identity creates global unity with local people. It is the same as a human body or an organic substance each consisting of cells.  When we look at the Earth globally as a member in the Universe, whole human beings as members on the Earth form the link organically, we can come to receive the deep spirit of humankind that used to exist in nature with their all senses and spirits.

The Invisible spiritual environment embraces human beings.
" To hear the voice of invisible things "
" To be a part of the world "
" To be in the same stream with many lives "
" To be linked with spirits of souls in the Cosmos"
Mariyo Yagi's environmental art seeks the inner space of the soul and mind,and creates a space which recreates the feeling of the origin of life.
Art is committed to the energy of human life. Art exists in the root of life. The key of this theme is the study of Nawa which means Rope,twisted cords. Dr. Mariyo Yagi named it NAWALOGY which is the Cosmos of Nawa. It is worthwhile to learn about the Cosmos of Nawa because Nawa is a human product from the forests in ancient times and is a spiral energy inter linking the micro cosmos like DNA and the macro cosmos.

The Cosmos of Nawa will continue even if forests disappear from the Earth. Artist Dr.Mariyo Yagi

"The Garden of Spirit " Environmental Art

Mariyo Yagi

The NAWA - a spiral cord - the great link between earth and heaven and all living things lead to a spiritual trip from DNA to the maternal cosmos. It was a trip to realize our origins and discover our existence. The DNA of all living things faces the central axis of hollowness with coiling double spirals.

The NAWA is not a NAWA when there is only one spiral. When two or more spirals face the central axis of hollowness similar to DNA, a NAWA is born. NAWA means you and I . NAWA consists of NA, you and WA, I. Facing each other over the central axis of hollowness. You face me, I face you . You and I I become empty and tranquil.

I find myself going back to my roots. To be consumed by art Art is the source of life. NAWA is a spiral energy which connects lives. NAWA is a bonding of spirit between man and nature, between people and people. NAWA is a life line connecting all living things.

We are all rooted to Mother Earth by an umbilical cord. You and I can not live alone. You and I walk along in our civilization, urbanization, holding on to the NAWA linking us. You and I recreate our civilization, urbanization like the organic NAWA,like our body enjoying to go for a spiritual walk in another organic space- urban space.

It is Spiritual Garden. It is the strange, mysterious scenery. Here, now is the moment to experience sensation in this magnetic field of NAWA which all lives have.