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Eco of Nawa scape
•1993:5000 sculpture symposium north Mayo anniversariesTIR SAIL sculpture trail art remainsEarth work “the echo of nawascape”
•Organized sculptor's society of Ireland Mayo Country Council atthe Gulf of Lakken north Mayo district Ireland

In the quest to promote ecologically sustainable environments, I developed a large environmental permanent “earth work, ” entitled “Echo of Nawascape ” situated beside a major archaeological site in north Mayo, Ireland.
"Echo of Nawascape" expressed a commitment to “unite all continents across the sea, as they were in ancient time, ” reminding us of the precious unity of the Globe. Irish students and local community members participated in creating this work, planting local wild sea pink flowers on the site. This collaborative participation with the artists and with the elements of local nature gave all involved a deep sense of recognition, in the eyes of their community and of their environment.

•I left for first Ireland for field preliminary inspection of the selection of local site to produce at north Mayo district sculpture symposium in Ireland only for three days in the end of March in the process early spring when a <earth work the echo of ropes cape was done. As far as look around the shore area cliff way by car to a goal way by a train from Dublin 40 miles of first of the season; the hilly areas of the grassy plain. It is the area where a circle of stone, an old burial mound of bronze age, the remains of city 5,000 years ago were excavated in the ground. I decided my site on the cliff slope that looked around the Gulf of Lakken where curved equal to the root of the kill column head peninsula of the opposite bank of remains. When "the echo of nawascape" which took the scene of the sea in the earth was done, I was excited. Manabu Matsumura joined as a temporary assistant in Ireland on June 14, too. Said early summer and it was dark, and the lodgings got damp and were three weeks of the outdoor manual labor to produce in a cold stake until about 9:00 p.m. to be at a potato and a bare end almost every day, and to darken by the meal called the sandwich at a cliff of the exposure to the wind from an early morning. My original plan is 50m in total length. The dynamism that the land clashes with the sea. There is it, and there is the valley where there is a hill in the land in the valley where there is a mountain in the bottom of the sea, besides, and the sea of the land is connected as the earth. I am connected like a rope to wherever that there is the valley where there is a mountain in in, and it is to one earth. I built scene art, the earthwork which named "the echo of nawascape". I extended the deferred head by the intention of local people, and it became a work of 300m in total length after all. Is the archeologist by it; the whole story of the trouble with a practice chairperson and local people "" the Echo of nawascape” is a kind of Requiem to scenery given at eternal time for old burial mound of bronze age "



•the echo of nawascape production situation
•The driver of shovel car could not come to work enough for my site. Manabu Matsumura and I were enormous physical work with a big scoop and days of the manual labor to fight, besides, all alone without the shovel car only at a little time. I could not use the too long scoop for my body as a scoop working and began to knit a method to mold soil by the step of the foot as a balance dash. It was right a dance step. Two junior high students of the Japanese resident in the field and local high school students came to help me.

•1993Park design:
•The interchange communication park
•Kilala ComunityThe Gulf of Kirara north Mayo district Ireland
•When local community people of the Gulf of Kirara wanted port reclaimed land 8 hectares to produce an art work as a park, it was depended. It was port of gloomy small fish covered to a dimly gray cloud. The big buoy which got rusty lay, and the reclaimed land was the sludge ground which a rock of the man size rolled. I am running out of time. I planted a tree promptly in the very large sludge place and suggested that I made the inter-communication park where fitted it to the place of the local interchange. I do not have time to draw a pepar plan. I ran around in the site and drew a white line on the handle with powder of the lime. It is local spot design. I installed the big buoy which was got rusty and ordered that it should be painted yellow color and I had the placement of the rock in around the buoy as a symbol monument. The local high school students worked for it.

Rope ways Mariyo Yagi written by John Christakos (Winds JAl April 1998 issue)
Perhaps Yagi's most ambitious environmental piece to date is The Echo of Nawascape Earth Work
(1993) in North Mayo, Ireland. The stitch motif of the Osaka plaza is repeated, but here the “rope” is
fashioned out of soil. Clumps of earth rise and fall, creating a spine of earth. Each valley between the
stitches yields a different view of the landscape.

The last stitch drops off the headland into the sea. Conceptually, Yagi imagines this thread reemerg-
ing on the American continent, connecting the two land masses and cultures.

•References: A newspaper article manuscript: a forum on Kyoto News paper Wednesday, September 1, 1993. Reference: Requiem Yagi Mariyo sentence) to scenery given 7/26 Sankei News paper Tokyo interview article Ireland at art remains, time of the landscape design magazine no2-1995 endlessness in 1993

Local Materials (Earth , Stone , Seapink Plant) Lacken Bay ,
North Mayo ,
Ireland The NAWASCAPE ,
portraying the release of creative energy in continuous motion, symbolized the interconnectedness of all life and the endlessly beautiful process of life force inheriting DNA. The NAWASCAPE will be passed down by the local people of this region and assimilated into the natural historical features of the land where is excavated and preserved the ruins of 5000 years ago.
After 5000 years from no...


「The Echo Nawascape」1993

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